What is the Lemon Water Diet?

Chances are you may have heard about the lemon water diet. Even if you have, or if you haven’t, this short article will supply some useful information! The lemon water diet is essentially a detox/master cleanse diet. The lemon water diet is quite simple in that it is basically exactly what it sounds like. People on the diet will only consume lemon water, salt water, and detoxifying/laxative teas for approximately 10 days.

The idea is that the diet will essentially cleanse your body (liver, colon, etc.) and also cause you to lose weight. The lemon water diet is sworn by by many many people including some big time celebrities and fitness gurus. Although the lemon water diet has been the topic of some extensive debate, there are some benefits that lemon water provides that can’t be argued against. Lemon water helps to make and keep your digestive system more active. The vitamins and minerals help break up unwanted toxins in your digestive tract and helps to flush them out. The lemon water diet will cleanse your system by causing more frequent urination, further flushing more unwanted toxins from your body. The enzymes found in lemon water also stimulate your liver and aid in detoxification. Another perk of the lemon water diet is that it will greatly improve your immune system. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C which is wonderful for fighting and preventing colds. Lemons also contain a lot of potassium which stimulates brain and nerve function and can also improve blood pressure! The lemon water diet is also great for balancing your body’s pH level. Lemons are considered one of the most alkalizing foods for the human body. Although lemons are acidic on their own, they become alkaline in the human body due to the processes our bodies impose. This alkalinity keeps our body’s pH in check and helps to prevent disease, joint pain, and inflammation which all take place when the body is acidic. There are many other benefits to the lemon water diet that I won’t go into here. These benefits include but are certainly not limited to clearing skin, increasing energy and mood, promoting healing, freshening breath, hydrating the lymph system, and aided weight loss. As you can see, there are some amazing benefits provided by the lemon water diet. The benefits above have been proven time and time again and quite simply cannot be very well argued. If you are feeling sluggish, overweight, tired, dirty on the inside, or just want to experiment, you should strongly consider the lemon water diet. The simple diet is cheap and requires very little time or effort. If you find that the full on lemon water diet is not for you, you may find that simply having a glass of warm lemon water every morning will make a huge difference in the way your body behaves and how you feel throughout the day. Take a look online at what people have to say and you will soon realize that the lemon water diet really can be a great thing to try. Hopefully this article gave you a better understanding of the lemon water diet! Try it out today!