Reviews for Top Weight Loss Pills – Over the Counter and Prescription Medications

The main idea behind losing weight is burning more calories than you are taking. This can be achieved by adopting a more active lifestyle and of course managing our diets. However, exercises and managed diets are not simple tasks as they may sound. Weight loss pills may help boost weight loss. Note that you will still be needed to watch your diets and keep your body active for best results. Review for top weight loss pills:

  • Orlistat – Sometimes referred to as Xenical, orlistat is both available with a prescription and OTC. It works by inhibiting a fraction of taken fats from being absorbed.
  • Phentermine – Works by suppressing appetite. You can access it under the prescription name of Adipex.
  • Contrave – Contrave excites metabolism and also reduces excess appetite. This is achieved by combining two different weight loss pills.
  • Saxenda – It works by creating an impression that you are filled and not in the need for calories.
  • Qsymia – Again, Qsymia is a combination of two drugs. It works by increasing metabolism as well as curbing appetite. In fact, this drug is known to make food taste less appealing.
  • Belviq – Like several others in this category, belviq works by curbing your appetite.
  • Phendimetrazine – It suppresses one’s appetite and brings about a feeling of being full and not in the need of more calories.

You may come about other prescription and over the counter pills. The fact is that the world of drugs is a fast changing one and there’s no predicting just which may be available in the market tomorrow. All the same, the list above contains the most popular ones today.

Precautions before taking the pills

All the above listed pills do bring along some side effects. For this reason, always make sure that you have researched more on what is expected after taking any of the pills. Most of these drugs should be taken with directions from a doctor. This is especially if you are taking other prescription medics. For instance, weight gain due to diabetes should not be controlled using OTC weight loss pills. The results can prove fatal in the long run. Pregnant women should also seek for guidelines from a doctor before using weight loss pills. in fact, it is not advised to take weight pills at all when pregnant. Taking pills without other weight management plans like exercise and dietary plans is almost useless. Even if weight loss is to be experienced, it will not be of any significant measure.