Weight Gain Due To Prescription Medications – Common Pills That Alter BMI Index

It is not always that weight gain will occur due to excess calorie intake or lack of physical exercises. Some prescription medications are known to bring about weight gain. The real cause of weight gain associated with prescription drugs is vaguely understood. Some pills for example may increase appetite, alter hormonal balance, slow down metabolism or even reduce the rate at which fluids are excreted from the body.

Common medications known to cause weight gain

  • Diabetes medics – A number of medications meant to manage diabetes type 2 do cause weight gain. This is mainly associated with increased levels of insulin introduced in the body through the medications.
  • Antihistamines – Used to treat allergic reactions, some Antihistamines do promote weight gain by boosting appetite.
  • Mood stabilizing medics – Some medications in this category are known to increase appetite and therefore contribute in weight gain due to excess calories.
  • Depression medics – A class of medications in this category known as TCAs bring about increased appetite. They are stubbornly known for their weight gain effects.
  • High blood pressure medics – Also known as antihypertensives, these hypertension regulators have been known to promote weight gain.
  • Oral corticosteroids – They are abundant in glucose, a factor that makes them good candidates for weight gain. They are mainly used in treating asthma.

When to see a doctor

Weight gain occurring rapidly should be responded to by a visit to a doctor. This will greatly help avoid issues related to high blood pressure or heart attacks. In most cases, you will be required to undertake a simple test to uncover the real cause of the rapid weight gain. Never cease to take prescribed medications even in the advent of weight gain. In most cases, you find that weight gain experienced is not in excess of 10 pounds. Compared to the effects likely to occur in case prescription medications are ceased, it is better to deal with weight gain.

Things to avoid

Avoid interacting any of the above medications with weight loss pills. This is especially when it comes to diabetes and high blood pressure medications. Drug abuse especially smoking and alcohol promote weight gain. They should be avoided especially when taking any of the above listed medications. But since the issue of addiction is not a simple one to deal with, you can consider getting professional and therapeutic help. In fact, it is not necessary that you see a physical doctor for help with addictions. Nowadays, online help services can still do the trick.